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Make Complaints

You can make complaints regarding any organization or service provided by organizations. In order to make any type of complaints click on the sub menu item ‘Make a Complaint’ in ‘COMPLAINTS’ in the main menu as shown in Fig. 14.1.

Fig. 14.1: Make a Complaint sub menu in ‘COMPLAINTS’ main menu item.

Once you click on ‘Make a Complaint’ the following list of organization types will be displayed to the citizen. (Fig. 14.2)

Fig. 14.2: List of organization types for making a complaint.

When you select an organization you will be prompted to confirm the selection by a message box as shown in Fig. 14.3.

Fig. 14.3: Message box for confirming organization in make a complaint.

Once you confirm the selection of organization you will be directed to the make complaint form as shown in Fig. 14.4.

Fig. 14.4: Make a complaint form.

The selected organization name will be listed in the top of the form and a selection box provided to select a service of that organization. If you do not select any service, by default a general complaint will be made to the organization. You have to fill all the required fields and enter the verification code before submitting the complaint.

Upon successful submission of the complaint you will receive a token number that is also emailed to the email address provided. (Fig. 14.5) You can use the token number to view the reply to your complaint afterwards form the ‘Feedback’ sub menu in “Complaints’ main menu. However you will have to wait at least a day to receive a reply. This will be discussed in detail in ‘View Feedback for Complaint’ page in help.

Fig. 14.5: Reply after sending a complaint.

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