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View website in user preferred language. (English, Sinhala or Tamil)

The site details are provided in all three official languages of Sri Lanka namely Sinhala, Tamil and English.

From the welcome page of GIC a user enter the website in any language desired. Afterwards a user is able to change to any of the other 2 languages using the language buttons shown in the top right hand corner of the page. The language shifting buttons are shown in Fig. 20.1 when the current language displayed is English.

Fig. 20.1: Language Change Buttons.

If you want to display the site in Sinhala or Tamil, click on the respective button shown in Fig. 20.1. Then the entire content of the site will be changed to the respective language as shown in Fig. 20.2.

Fig. 20.2: Sinhala Site

 Likewise you can change the site language to Tamil also by clicking Tamil button.

If you are unable to view the site after language changing, it is because the Sinhala and Tamil Unicode kit is not installed in your computer. You can download it by clicking on the buttons shown in Fig. 20.3.

Fig. 20.3: Sinhala, Tamil Unicode Kit Download Links

After downloading the Sinhala and Tamil Unicode Kit, follow the instructions provided with it to install the fonts in your machine and refresh the page to view the GIC website in the desired language.



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