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Holding Exhibitions

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Exhibitions will be held on application for schools and for the general public, The department has a mobile exhibition stall for such purposes. When a school or an institution wants to have such an exhibition, an application through the Principal or Head of the institution should be sent to the Director General / Director of Archaeology (General Services) . Thereafter the exhibition should be reserved. The division has a separate officer for this purpose.

Archaeological Mobile Exhibition
This program is carried out with the sole objective of promoting public understanding on our archaeological heritage. Target groups are;

  • School children
  • University community and
  • General public

According arrangement are made to conduct this exhibition on the request of government and non-government organization including schools, pirivenas, Viharas, Universities, Divisional Secretariats , cultural centers etc.

Method of Making Applications for the Exhibition is as Follows

  • In case of a school - by Principal ,students’ societies, Art Association etc
  • In case of a Vihara - by Viharadhipathi
  • In case of a Pirivena - by Parivenadhipathi
  • In case of a Divisional Secretariat - by Divisional Secretary.

Thus the Head of a place or society or organization can apply.

Applications Should be Addressed to:
Director General of Archaeology
Department of Archaeology
Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha.
Colombo 07.

The exhibition is supplied free of charge within Colombo and suburbs. However transport expenses (fuel expenses for the lorry) will be charged.
Fuel expenses will not be charged if the department has adequate financial provision.

For further information on the Mobile Archeological exhibition
Publication Officer - Mr. K.G.S. Bandara
Telephone number - +94-11-2688326 , +94-11-2692840-41
Extension - 301

Note :- Applications for the Archaeological Mobile Exhibition will be attended in order their receipt. 

Organization Information

Department of Archaeology

Sir Marcus Frenando Mawatha,
Colombo 07.

Mrs. W.R. J. Vasana Pramachandraa
Telephones:+94 11 2 692840 / 41
Fax Nos:+94 11 2 696514

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