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Conferences are held within the department and in schools for inculcating awareness in the public.

Conferences are held with the aim of reviewing the findings of both eminent and amateur researchers annually.

Scheduled Dated
Two Day National Archaeological Seminar commences on July 07th on which Archaeological Week too commences.

Calling for Research Papers
Summaries of papers will be called for in the first instance. Complete papers of summaries selected under the supervision of scholars will be called for subsequently.
Research papers will be called for from the Department of National Museum, Department of Archaeology, Professors and Lectures in Universities and graduates who are enjoyed in research work.

Complete papers submitted for the seminar on archaeology will be compiled as a publication for distribution among speakers and scholars on the day of the seminar.

Media Work
Procedure for the issue of permits to photograph or video film archaeological sites

  • Those who wish to photograph or video film archaeological sites should make an application to the Director General of Archaeology giving the required sites, dates of photographing, the purpose for which they are taken and if a song or teledrama or any documentary programme is to be telecast a copy of some should be annexed. The Director General will consider the application and will issue written advice to the director of General Services for issuing a permit.
  • Director of General Services will issue necessary instructions to the officer who deals with the subject.
  • The officer concerned will study the copies of documents if any, and defects will be intimated to the Director of general Services and the applications will be brought to the notice of the divisions concerned .
  • In the absence of any defects, the department will issue the permit under the conditions prescribed by the department.
  • Original permit will be issued to the applicant with copies to the Provincial Assistant Director in charge of the archaeological site concerned, Officer in charge in case of a Vihara, to Viharadhipathi, in case of a major Devale, to the Basnayaka Nilame concerned, if the archaeological site concerned is under the custody of the Central Cultural Fund to its Director General.
  • Application is to be filed together with the office copy of the permit.
  • The maximum period normally granted for photographing or video filming is one month. However the period may be extended on the advice of the Director General for special circumstances of the applicant such as research or studies.
  • It is to be stressed that to permission which is deemed to cause damage to any archaeological monument, or premises will be granted by the Department of Archaeology.
  • To bring particulars, discrepancies and criticism broadcast or published by the electro or printed media to the notice of the Director of General Services and other Directors of Archaeology.
  • Replying queries mentioned by the media obtaining information from the Regional offices.

Organization Information

Department of Archaeology

Sir Marcus Frenando Mawatha,
Colombo 07.

Mrs. W.R. J. Vasana Pramachandraa
Telephones:+94 11 2 692840 / 41
Fax Nos:+94 11 2 696514

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