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  Required Forms     The application form is given under Annex 2.2.7
Export of Timber, Timber products, Plants (Aquatic & Non aquatic) and Seeds

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2.2.1. For Timber / Timber products

a)Should not be made of Ebony and Calamander or should not mix those Timber species
b) Should not include timber species prohibited under Flore & Fauna Protection ordinance
c)Should have a receipt from a timber depot registered under Forest Department to prove that those are purchased from a registered center (this is not applicable to used furniture)

2.2.2Plants (Aquatic/ Non aquatic)

a)Species should not be mentioned in the Red data list of IUCN

b)Should not include species prohibited under Flora and Fauna protection Ordinance

C)Not include Endamic Plants.

2.2.3Process of forwarding an application form:
(Place of obtaining and submitting application forms and time) Place of obtaining application forms:

  1. Head Office, Forest Department,No: 82, Rajamalwatta road, Battaramulla.
  2. Application forms can be downloaded from Payment that has to be made to obtain an application form:

No payment has to be made for the application form Time of submitting application forms: From 9.00 a.m to 3.00 p.m on any working day of the week Payment that has to be made to obtain the particular service

  Fee / Payment
Rs. Cents
VAT (12%)
Rs. Cents
Stamp duty (10%)
Rs. Cents
Rs. Cents
For single export 575.00 69.00 57.50 701.50

2.2.4Time duration that is required to provide that service:

Within 04 working days after submitting the application form

2.2.5.Required documents

1.Application form
2.Receipt to prove that those items were purchased from a registered center.
3.If those items are ayurvedic items recommendation of the Ayurvedic Department has to be submitted. If those items are under the control of a government institution recommendation of the respective institution has to be submitted. ( Ex: Coconut Development Board / Agriculture Development Board)

2.2.6.Staff officers in charge

Designation Name Branch Telephone Number Fax E-mail
Conservator of Forests Mr. M.L.A.Majeed Protection & Law Enforcement 0112-877222 0112-866932

2.2.7Situations that deviate from above requirements and special information. Plants included in the Red Date List of IUCN can be exported when they are grown by yourself.

2.2.8Specimen application form (The application form is given under Annex 2.2.7)

2.2.9Submit the completed application form

Organization Information

Department of Forest Conservation

No.82, Rajamalwatta Road,

Mr. W.T.B.Dissanayake
Fax Nos:0112-2866633

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