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Naming Roads

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Deciding a name with the unanimous consent of the residents on the street located within the area of the Council, Forwarding to the Council
Referring to the relevant institutions after the notice calling for objections (30 days)

Process of Submitting Applications

Places From Where Applications can be Obtained: Should be presented to the Council as a proposal of the Council

Fees Payable for Obtaining Application : No.

Hours for Submitting Application
On week- 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., 1:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Charges to be Paid for the Services: No

Time Taken for the Service (Ordinary Service and Priority Service)
After the approval of the Council/Assistant Commissioner of Local Government/ Commissioner of Local Government/ After the approval of the Chief Minister.

Supporting Document Required:
The list of names, with signatures, of those residents of the street who have expressed their consent

Officer in charge of the Service:

Designation Name Section Telephone Fax Email
Secretary Y.A.J.Perera - +94-11-2618102 +94-11-2618102 -
Chief Management Assistant M.Somalatha Peiris Establishment +94-11-2618100 +94-11-2618102 -

Exceptions or Instances out side the Above Requirements and Special Information: No
Specimen Applications: No
Perfected of a Completed Application: No

Organization Information

Kesbewa Urban Council

Samarakoon Mawatha,

Telephones:+94-11-2618100 /+94-11-2614201
Fax Nos:+94-11-2618102

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