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Obtaining environmental protection permit

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This is issued to confirm whether any factories and businesses located in any area of authority of the pradeshiya sabha maintain the environmental standard prescribed by the central environmental Authority.

The minister of environmental affairs has by gazette number 1159/22 dated 22.11.2000 as prescribed that this permit should  be obtained by all factories and businesses located in the area of authority of the pradeshiya sabha

Procedure of obtaining environmental permit
• In order to obtain of the environmental permit a recommendation should be first obtain.
• The application form for obtaining environmental recommendation can obtain free of charges from pradeshiya sabha office.
• For obtained environmental recommendation extent of the land should not less than 40 perch. Deed and the plan of the land should also be forward for that.
• The fees for inspection will vary dependence of the amount invested on the industry.
• There after recommendation will be provided from environmental committee after obtaining inspection reports on the application form from technical officers and public health inspectors of the pradeshiya sabha.
• This environmental recommendation shall be valid for one year only and he / she may apply for the environmental permit after obtaining it. 
• An application form should buy by paying Rs. 115/- to obtain environmental permit.
• Also should forward application form duly perfected with the photocopies of the deed of the land, the approved survey plane of the land and the building and the environmental recommendation .
• As previous mention here also the recommendation will be given through the environmental committee .
• This environmental permit valied only for three years. As such an application for its renewal obtainable on the payment of Rs. 57.50 should be duly perfected and submitted before the end of three years.
• After fresh investigation by the revenue inspector of the council the new environmental permit will be furnished through the environmental committee.

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