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Establishment and Maintenance of Community Centers

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Community center Location
01 Aruna community center Dolahena
02 Sethsiri community center Ho/ East
03 Thisara community center Kerukatiya
04 Rana Hansa community center
Mullegama North
05 Diyagama United community center Diyagama west
06 Puhudelgaha watta community center Hiripitiya
07 Sewana community center Kudamaduwa
08 Sewarna Kalum community center
Ho/ West
09 Kapila community center Siyabelagoda, Polgasovita
10 Sinha community center 450, Batawala
11 Vijaya community center Undurugoda
12 Isuru Uyana community center Wataraka
13 Bogahalanda watta community center Bhrahmanagama
14 Samagi community center Artigala North
15 Kalaniwally community center Artigala West
16 Rantharu community center Heraliyawala
17 Udaya community center Horagala
18 Sri Pura united community center Panaluwa
19 Sarana community center Wataraka South
20 Pivithuru community center Habarakada South
21 Habarakada south community center Pitipana South
22 Suwapubudugama community center Godagama North
23 Godagama North community center Mattagoda
24 Pubudu community center Habarakada North
25 Gamunu community center Wataraka
26 Pivithuru community center Pitipana South
27 Pitipana south community center Pitipana North
28 Mihira community center Weniwalkola
29 Sethsiri community center Wakanda road
30 Homagama North community center Gabadawatta
31 United community center Horagala west
32 Ruchira community center Meegasmulla
33 Arunalu community center
Mullegama south
34 Suhada community center Pragathi Mawatha
35 Katuwana community center
36 Suriya community center Kahathuduwa North
Vipula community center
Nawalamulla, Lenagaha watta
38 Janashakthi community center Kahathuduwa, west
39 Jayawardhana watta Samagi community center Pitipana town
40 Suhanda community center Godagama
41 Godagama East community center Wataraka North
42 Nirmanee community center Palathagoda, Thabiliuyana.
43 Samadi community center Deegalawatta
44 Suhanda community center Mattegoda
45 Mattegoda community center Mattegoda west
46 Mattegoda pubudu community center Gabadawatta
47 United community center Magammana

Community Center

After gain independence in Sri Lanka, the necessity of voluntary societies were strongly felt for exchanging felt wishes and views of the public. Therefore late Mr. S.W.R.D. Bandaranayaka who served as Minister of Local government at that time took action to implement community center movement through out Sri Lanka.The community center unable the community in a village to spend their leisure times meaningfully and times meaningfully and productively . The forum for discussing and implementing the necessities for the public interest in the area is the community center. It is the responsibility of our local government institution to organize, inaugurate and maintain a community center and to provide useful service of the people of the area joining hands with the other voluntary societies of the area. A community center should be an institution form by the people of the area for their needs. Although constitution mention that when establishing community center village will be use and should not exceed 2 square miles. But there are grama niladhari divisions which exceed that limit. If the villages are too large in extent more community centers can be established on the advice and approval of Local Government commissioner. Also the community centers so established should be registered in this Local Government institute at Urban Development Authority, Sethsiripaya, Battaramulla. When establishing a community center the relevant constitution should be followed and it should be adopted to suit the area.According for taking future action in this connection.

  • Office bearers are to be appointed by a general meeting and such office bearers should take action to fulfill the needs of members.
  • Annual general meetings should be held once a year and committee meetings should be held as required.
  • Decisions taken by the committee should be submitted to the general meeting for approval and they will be implemented on the decisions of the general meeting.
  • Activities implemented by the community center should be submitted to the general membership for its approval and it is the responsibility of the office bearers to see that everything is done on the public confidence.

Services rendered by community center

  1. Establishment of Shremadana camps and group tours and conducting annual district seminars.
  2. Conducting refresher and training courses.
  3. Social service activities
  4. Out door and indoor sports.
  5. Literary activities
  6. Dancing, music and dramas.
  7. First aids activities
  8. Industrial training
  9. Religious activities
  10. Cultivation development activities
  11. Regional development

Organization Information

Homagama Pradeshiya Sabhawa

Pradeshiya Sabhawa

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