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Leasing of Trade Stoles Belonging to Pradeshiya Sabha

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In terms of section 119 of Pradeshiya Sabha act and the circular number 1980 /46 issued by the minister incharge of the subject of the local government on 31.12.1980, Pradeshiya Sabha has the authority to construct trade stoles and to lease them to the public as a public service.


  1. The trade stoles will be given on a fee decided by the Pradeshiya Saba by means of a resolution.
  2. The selected applicants should deposit the fee equal to three monthly instalments as a guarantee.
  3. The tender documents can be obtained on a fee decided by the Pradeshiya Saba.

Procedure of Making Applications.

  • Publicity by the press advertisement.
  • Obtaining the tender documents from the Pradeshiya Saba office on payment of tender documents fee.
  • Payment the fee and the refundable deposit.
  • Tender applications place in he tender box or send by registered post together with the receipt in support of payment of the fee and the refundable fee.
  • Highest bidders will get the chance of receiving trade stoles.
  • Successful applicants may take over trade stoles on payment of the guarantee deposit and the basic payment.
  • Trading activities can be started on receipt of the trading certificate.

In Case of Default of Payment of Installments

  • A final notice will be issued.
  • When payment is not paid the trade stole will be sealed.
  • There after tenders will be invited again for such trade stole.
  • In case new trade stoles are constructed in place of old trade stoles expending money by the government and the local government institutions, the lessee of the old trade stoles will be selected as the lessee of the new trade stoles.
  • In case new trade stoles are constructed in place of old trade stoles on loans obtained from a commercial bank, old lessee as well ad new lessee will be selected.
  • On the request or death of the lessee, his lease can be transferred his/ her to the wife/ husband or to daughter / son and on such an event an application should be made to the Municipal Commissioner

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