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Scientific examination of questioned/suspected signatures and hand writing etc. Examination of any kind of travel documents such as Passport, VISA, ets for their authenticity. Issue reports of such examinations and Expert testimony.

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Procedure for submitting SPECIMENS.
Specimens related to the court cases are sent through Police officers. Requests for similar examinations from Government Departments, Authorities, Boards, Corporations and private Institutes, specimens should be sent by Heads of the institute through a legal Officer or a lawyer.

Sample Receiving Time Weekdays 8.30 am - 4.15 pm
Service Charge Free of charge for cases forwarded by Magistrate Courts, High Courts and for Government Departments.
A fee will be charged for document examinations carried out for commercial High Courts, District Courts, Labor tribunal, Corporations, Authorities, Boards and private Institutes, banks and private institutes. (The fee is depend on the type of the examination and hence it should be negotiated with the Head of the section.)
Time Taken to provide the service Approximately 01 month
Documents in proof of confirmation Not relevant


Contact Person :

Name           : Mr.S.A.Batakandage
Designation   : Government Examiner of Questioned Documents
Telephone No : +94 11 2786390 / Ex.4404
Fax No          : +94 11 2786394
E-mail           :


Organization Information

Department of Government Analyst's

Government Analyst's Department,
No. 31, Isuru Mawatha, Pelawatta,Battaramulla.

Telephones:+94 11 2176800 / +94 11 2786395
Fax Nos:+94 11 2786394

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