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Examination of chassis numbers, engine numbers of suspicious motor vehicles, motor bicycles etc for their authenticity and also to establish whether such vehicles have been budded or otherwise.

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Procedure for submitting samples
The vehicles should be produced to the Government Analyst’s Department. Necessary tools and a lifting jack for removal of wheels should be supplemented. For vehicles which are not fit to be brought to the Government Analyst's Department, transport should be provided.

Application fee Not Relevant
Vehicle submitting time
Weekdays prior or after the Office working time (Between 7.00 am - 8.30 am and after 4 .15 pm.)
Service Charge A prior date and time should be reserved after payment of Rs. 11,550.00. For motor bicycles, the fee is from Rs. 3,900.00 to Rs. 10,200.00 depending on its engine capacity.
Time taken to provide the service
Examination may take up to about? 01 hours and the report will be furnished within 2 days.


Contact Person

Name           : Mr.W.M.S.R.Ratnayake
Designation   : Assistant Government Analyst
Telephone No : +94 11 2176829,+94 11 2786395 / Ex.4520
Fax No          : +94 11 2786394
E-mail           :


Organization Information

Department of Government Analyst's

Government Analyst's Department,
No. 31, Isuru Mawatha, Pelawatta,Battaramulla.

Telephones:+94 11 2176800 / +94 11 2786395
Fax Nos:+94 11 2786394

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