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Shilpiya Nipunatha & Job Title Record

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Name of the Publication

Shilpiya Nipunatha & Job Title Record

Introduction to the Publication

The publication helps to educate school leavers, job seekers, employees of the organizations and job titles, qualifications (for courses & related institutions) in relation to the various fields.


v To develop personal skills and sharing knowledge on world of work.

v To provide awareness of the job titles.

v New trends of the Labour Market

Target Group

School Leavers

Job seekers

Employees of reputed organizations

Contents of the Publications

A few areas covering the following fields are,

�� I. Naval

�� II. Finance & Marketing



Data base on Career Guidance

lTo prepare a data base on further education, professions, information on self employment.

lTo disseminate data on career guidance to the beneficiaries.

lTo develop labour force for national development.


Organization Information

Department of Manpower and Employment

9th Floor
Sethsiripaya 2nd Stage

Mr. S.W.G.M. Karunarathna
Fax Nos:0112187131

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