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Kapruka Ayojana loan Scheme

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Provide financial assistance and technical guidance to raise productivity of coconut land.? The financial assistance take the form of a loan from a commercial bank agreed to provide loans under this scheme.? The loan is a soft loan having a concessionary interest rate.? Apart from the loan,? an interest rebate provided for farmers who employ the loan ?according to the farm plan prepared by Farm Planning Officer of the CCB who prepares the plan after a careful inspection of the land and an interview with the land owner.









1. ?Lands above ? Ac suitable for coconut cultivation
2. ?Land owners, legally valid lease holder to cover the repayment period and holders

of legal rights to cultivation

3. Able to contribute 20% of the investment

4.Able to furnish necessary securities and guarantee covers (Banks will inform the security requirement)

5. Must be acceptable to the bank for lending

Application Procedure

Application could be obtain from Coconut Cultivation Board Regional Office or Coconut Development Officer attached to Govijana Kendraya.? Duly filled application form certified by the relevant bank branch and should submit to Regional office or Coconut Development Officer during office hours.


Loan Categories




1. Coconut new planting with intercropping

2. Coconut replanting with intercropping

3.Coconut rehabilitation with intercropping

4. Coconut rehabilitation

5.Coconut planting

6.Drip Irrigation

7. Hose Irrigation


9.Farm Machineries

10 Animal Husbandry – Cattle /Buffalo

11.Animal Husbandry – Goat / Sheep

12. Special Projects


Participated Banks


Bank of Ceylon, Commercial Bank, Seylan Bank, Sabaragamuwa Development Bank, People’s Bank, Kandurata Development Bank, Hatton National Bank, Ruhunu Development Bank, Wayamba Development Bank, Sampath Bank.

Organization Information

Coconut Cultivation Board

Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawath

Mr. K.D.L.Dharmasiri
Fax Nos:0114955507

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