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Savings Accounts

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Ordinary Savings

  • Who can open an Ordinary Savings Account at NSB?

Any person who is over the age of 7 years can open a savings account with NSB.
You have the option of opening the account as an individually, jointly or as a minor account.
NSB savings accounts could be opened in favor of special funds, social organizations, deposits, bank guarantees or legal compensation.

  • What are the Special Benefits?

Interest for a minimum balance of Rs. 100/-
Loans against deposits at a lesser interest rate
Life cover up to One Million according to the account balance
ATM / Master/Visa Debit or Shopping card facility.
100% government guarantee on all your savings and interest earned thereon
Standing order facility
Interest will be calculated daily and credited to the account monthly.

Salary Earners Savings Account (SESA)
Special Benefits for Salary Earners

By joining SESA, you are entitled to competitive pawning advances, to pay monthly bills, Withdrawals and purchase of cheques.
You are also entitled to various concessions on loans offered by the Bank.

Postal Banking

Post office savings bank was amalgamated to NSB and the postal savings account system provided the facility to the account holders to operate their accounts from the nearest post office, sub post office decentralized postal banking branches and selected NSB branches.

The Postal savings interest rate is 1% more than the NSB ordinary savings pass book savings interest rate.

You have the convenience of depositing any amount of money and withdraw cash from any post office or postal banking outlet island wide.

  • What is the limit for cash withdrawal from the Postal Banking Account?

Super grade post office

maximum of Rs 40,000/-

Post office

maximum of Rs. 25,000/-

Sub post office

maximum of Rs15,000/-

Customers can also withdraw any amount of cash subject to prior approval

  • What are the types Postal Banking Accounts?

Postal Savings A/c
Thepal Hapan A/c
Sthree Thepal A/c
Fixed Deposit A/c
National Savings Certificates
Purchase of Ridee Rekha

NSB Pension+ Account

  • What is NSB Pension +?

A unique retirement benefit scheme for the general public introduced by your family bank - NSB

  • Who can join the NSB Pension+ Scheme?

Any Sri Lankan citizen who is over 16 years of age. There is no maximum age limit.

  • How to invest in NSB Pension +?

This is a flexible scheme and you can invest any amount at any time at your discretion and convenience.

  • Is it possible to make a lump sum investment?

Yes, certainly you can. A bonus or a gratuity or any windfall can be invested.

  • Is it possible to remit in foreign currency?

Yes, in any foreign currency those are legal tender in Sri Lanka and can reap the benefits in Sri Lankan Rupees.

  • How to make the contribution?

Can contribute in cash, by cheque or by standing order.

  • How safe is the investment?

All the deposits with NSB and interest earned thereon are fully guaranteed by the Government of Sri Lanka.
Our credibility and strength are further assured by the AAA Rating from Fitch Rating Lanka.

  • What are the benefits can obtain until the age of 55 years?

Life cover up to rupees One Million according to the account balance.
A minimum contribution of Rs. 50,000/- will make you eligible to claim medical expenses maximum up to one million on critical illnesses in every 5 years
Discount of 50% for the processing fee charged on loans granted by NSB.
Rebate on 1% of the group personal loans if the employers contribute on behalf of their employees.
Hassle free housing loans for regular monthly contributors.

Global Recognition

NSB Pension + is now a recognized overseas pension scheme by the U.K. government. This is with effect from 12.08.2008 and any Sri Lankan or expatriate Sri Lankan who has a dream of returning and enjoying retirement in Sri Lanka and can transfer his/her pension fund to NSB Pension + easily. The reference number for this recognition is QROPS 502035.

  • Are there any other benefits?

The NSB Pension+ scheme has the nomination facility.
You are entitled to an attractive rate of return comparatively to the market rates.
All members who remit in foreign currency are awarded with special Ridee Rekha Certificates worth of Rs. 1,000/-.
ATM Card to make deposits and check the balance
How to be eligible for the Pension after reaching 55 years of age?

As soon as you reach the age of 55 years you are entitled to receive a pension or you can postpone till the age of 60. In order to be eligible for the pension, a minimum balance of Rs: 100,000/- should be in the account.

Happy Savings

Have you ever thought of receiving an attractive interest rate with the facility to withdraw your savings at your own pleasure at any time? We shall make you happy with a happy interest for savings up to 6.00% including a free life cover up to rupees one million.

Are there any restrictions for withdrawals?
No restrictions on withdrawals.

  • What are the benefits?

ATM / Master Shopping Card facility.
Free life cover
A statement for your account instead of a pass book.
Loan against savings up to 60% of the deposit.

  • Who can open a Happy Savings Account?

Any Sri Lankan citizen over 16 years of age can open a Happy Savings account. Please visit your nearest NSB outlet.

Extra XL - A Bonus Savings

  • How does it Work?

NSB- Extra XL Account offers dual benefits. You have the ability to withdraw cash at any time you need and the bank offers up to 100% bonus on interest on this account.

Can I withdraw my deposit without any effect to my bonus?


You can obtain a loan of up to 80% of the balance in the account. In addition you can obtain a Ready Cash Card Which givens you a revolving credit facility worth 80% of the balance in the account.

What are the Special Benefits?
•Free gratuity payment up to Rs.1 Million
•Nomination facility.

Who can open an Extra XL account?
Any Sri Lankan citizen over 16 years of age may open a NSB-Extra XL account.
These accounts can be opened as individually or jointly, Minor's accounts or Institutional accounts.

SMILE Savings

This is a Savings Account which gives you another reason to SMILE with it’s a total amount of cash prizes worth Millions distributed throughout the year. This gives you the opportunity to save your money with a potential cash prize which will make you SMILE while the motherland also will SMILE as your savings works for the development of the country. Let’s SMILE!

Who can open a SMILE Account?

  • Any Sri Lankan citizen above the age of 16 years and can operate the account individually or jointly
  • Any parent or a legal guardian on behalf of their children, below the age of 16 years
  • Any child between the ages of 7 to 16 can open and operate the account under their names.

How does it work?

  • Minimum deposit to open the account is Rs.100/=
  • Can be opened from any Post Office, Sub-Post Office or NSB branch
  • Deposits and withdrawals can be made at any NSB outlet or any Post/ Sub Post Office island wide
  • Interest will be credited to the account quarterly
  • Loans against the savings facility is available
  • Nomination facility

Prize scheme

  • All together seven price draws will be conducted per year where millions of rupees will be distributed among you.
  • Accounts maintained at Branches, Post Offices & Sub Post Offices will be included to the quarterly, half yearly & year- end grand draws.
  • Minimum account balance requirement will be considered as the eligibility criteria for each prize draw


Pas Avurudu Savings

It is a good habit to save a fraction of your hard earned money on monthly basis in our special long term "Pas Avurudu Ithurum Account" which offers attractive interest rates.

Who can Open this Account?

  •  Any Sri Lankan over 16 years of age can open and operate.
  •   You can open this account as an individual, joint or a minor.
  • However this account cannot be opened as Institutional, Courts, Security, and Trust Accounts.

How to Open and maintained this Account?

  •   The account can be opened by a monthly deposit of Rs.100/-, Rs.200/-, Rs.300/-, Rs.400/-, Rs.500/- and Rs.1000/- or denominations of Rs.1000/- and the duration of the account will be 5 years (60 months).*
  •   The monthly deposit amount agreed upon, should be credited to the account on any day of each month without any failure.*
  • The interest will be calculated daily and credited to the account on monthly basis.

What are the Special Benefits Offered?

  • Your interest rates will be determined based on the monthly deposit amount. Higher interest rate will be offered for higher deposit amounts.
  • Life cover up to One Million according to the account balance.
  •   100% government guarantee on all your savings and interest earned thereon.

*Conditions applied

For more details contact NSB Call Center - (0112379379) 24 Hour Service

Organization Information

National Savings Bank

Head Office
"Savings House"
255, Galle Road,
Colombo 3,
Sri Lanka

Mr.E.M.M.G. Ekanayake
Telephones:0112379379 (Call Centre)
Fax Nos:0112379333,

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