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Accounts for Childrens

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Hapan Savings

Hapan Savings

"Save for your much loved son or daughter by opening Hapan Saving Account."

  • "Kiri Keti Hapan" is ideal for new born babies up to 3 months
  • "Punchi Hapan" is a savings account meant for little ones up to the age of 7 years. Such an account can be opened and operated by a parent or guardian on behalf of the child.
  • "Hapan" Savings Accounts are for children between the age 7 to 16 years. What makes it unique is that it can be opened and operated by a child over 7 years of age.

It can also be opened and operated by a parent or in their absence by a grandparent or guardian. All what you need is a minimum deposit of Rs. 5/= to open a Hapan Account.

  • What are the Special Features?

We offer a higher interest rate for Hapan accounts than the normal savings rate of interest. Attractive gifts will be presented on the opening of a "Punchi Hapan" or "Hapan" Account.
"A Special Gift Scheme for Year 5 Scholarship winners"

Year 5 scholarship first top ranked 10 “Hapan” Account holders in a district, in order to merit and they are felicitated at a ceremony held in Colombo by offering with valuable gifts and giving an opportunity to participate at a National event which will be a life time experience in your kid’s life.

In addition, every child who passes the year 5 scholarship examination will receive Rs: 500/= with a gift, if they have a Hapan Account.


  • Prarthana is a best gift you can give to a child?

What makes a Prarthana Savings Certificate a big gift for a little one?
With NSB "Prarthana" your child stands to have Rs.10,000/=, 25,000/=, 50,000/= and 100,000/= at maturity. And yet all you have to pay is a small percentage of its full value, to purchase the Certificate. The "Prarthana" Children's Savings Certificate are designed to matures when the child reaches 16 years of age, at which point your child can withdraw, the entire value in lump sum. Now isn't that a gift of lasting value?

  • How can you gift a Prarthana Children's Savings Certificate?

As this is a gift designed primarily for children under 16 years of age, you can gift your Savings Certificate to the parents or guardians of the children. Prarthana Savings Certificates are available at any NSB outlet.

Here's how it works
If you purchase a "Prarthana" Certificate on the day your child is born, the following chart indicates the purchase price and amount at maturity.

Purchase price ( At Birth )
Value (At age of 16)
Rs. 23,408.53
Rs. 11,704.26
Rs. 5,852.13
Rs. 2,340.85
Rs. 1,170.43

(The purchase value has been computed on the basis of interest rates as at 23.02.2012)

Purchase price of the certificate may vary according to the changes in the rate of interest at the market and the age of the child but the face value will remain unchanged.

For more details contact NSB Call Center - (0112379379) 24 Hour Service

Organization Information

National Savings Bank

Head Office
"Savings House"
255, Galle Road,
Colombo 3,
Sri Lanka

Mr.E.M.M.G. Ekanayake
Telephones:0112379379 (Call Centre)
Fax Nos:0112379333,

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