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Eurogiro Postal Network

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Eurogiro Postal Network

Now you can remit money via Eurogiro - For the first time in Sri Lanka

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NSB joined the Eurogiro community in August 2008 and introduces the easiest and the most trusted way to send money from member institutions of Eurogiro. With a view to providing a cost effective, safe and speedy remittance service to Sri Lankans migrant population, the NSB joined the Eurogiro. Eurogiro is one of the largest Postal Networks that covers thousands of Post Officers globally and provide facility for cross boarder payment transactions. Sri Lankan migrants who work in these countries will be able to remit their hard earn money to Sri Lanka via Eurogiro system. This facility is available at every Post Officer in following countries.

South Korea 3000 Post Offices in South Korea at a lowest cost US $8 per transaction. Beneficiary accounts at NSB will be credited on the same day
Israel 700 Israel Post Offices at a lowest cost US $ 15 per Transaction. Beneficiary accounts at NSB will be credited on the same day
Italy 14,000 Post Officers in Italy and funds should transfer in EUROs at a cost of EURO 2.58 for registered customers or EURO 10.33 for unregistered customer’s per transaction basis. Registration fee for Eurogiro system would cost EURO’s 12.58. Beneficiary accounts at NSB will be credited on the same day

For more details contact

+94 11 2375257 – International Division
+94 11 2573000
+94 11 2375262
+94 11 2375256
+94 11 2379379 – NSB Call Centre


Organization Information

National Savings Bank

Head Office
"Savings House"
255, Galle Road,
Colombo 3,
Sri Lanka

Mr.E.M.M.G. Ekanayake
Telephones:0112379379 (Call Centre)
Fax Nos:0112379333,

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