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Establishment Division

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•��� Matters relating to delegation of powers of the Public Service Commission and formulating,  amending & publishing of the PSC procedural Rules
•��� Formulating guidelines based on the Public Service Commission Procedural Rules and conducting related awareness programmes
•��� Issuance of Public Service Commission Circulars and Guidelines
•��� Studying the draft Service Minutes/Schemes of Recruitment and draft amendments for approved Service Minutes/Schemes of Recruitment and submitting the same for the approval of the Public Service Commission
•��� Matters relating to obtaining approval of the Public Service Commission for the Annual Transfer Schemes
•��� Proceeding with respect to the circumstances deviated from and not covered by Public Service Commission Procedural Rules, Service Minutes and Schemes of Recruitment, Circulars and instructions
•��� Matters on Appeals submitted to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Applications filed in the Superior Courts against the orders/decisions of the PSC in relation to the above.
•��� Developing, updating and maintaining of Databases which relevant to the Public Service and dissemination of information.

Organization Information

Public Service Commission

No. 177,
Nawala Road,
Colombo 05.

Mr. A. Kulathunga
Telephones:011-2136600, 011-2136650, 011-2136700
Fax Nos:011-2369305, 011-2369302

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