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Disciplinary Division

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•    The PSC exercises the power of disciplinary control of the public officers on whom the authority has not been delegated in terms of the PSC Gazette Notification No.1733/52 of 25.11.2011 for offences specified in the First Schedule of Chapter XLVIII of the Establishments Code.
•    In addition, the PSC functions as the Appellate Authority in relation to disciplinary control of Staff Grade officers in respect of offences specified in the Second Schedule in Chapter XLVIII, Volume II of the Establishments Code.
•    The Disciplinary Division handles the following matters in order to facilitate the Commission in performing the above powers and functions:
•    Matters relating to Preliminary Investigations conducted by respective Secretaries to Ministries/ Heads of Departments/ Heads of Institutions (Administrative Authorities);
•    Retirements under Section 12 of the Pensions Minute, where applicable and Retirements on General Inefficiency under Section 33 of Chapter XLVIII of the Establishments Code;
•    Formal disciplinary actions: Issuance of Charge Sheets, Appointment of Inquiry Officers, Prosecuting Officers & Defending Officers, and Exoneration or Imposition of punishments after considering the explanations given by the accused officers and/or based on the findings of Formal Disciplinary Inquiries;
•    Maintenance of the panel of Inquiry Officers, Payments for Inquiry Officers;
•    Matters relating to appeals of Staff Grade Officers against the disciplinary actions taken by delegated authorities in respect of offences specified in the Second Schedule in Chapter XLVIII of the Establishments Code;
•    Matters relating to appeals of Staff Grade Officers against Vacation of Post (VOP) notices issued by respective Authorities;
•    Matters on Appeals submitted to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Applications filed in the Superior Courts against the orders/decisions of the PSC in relation to the above functions.

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