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Appeals Division

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•    In terms of Article 57 of the Constitution and as specified by the Cabinet of Ministers, the Public Service Commission has delegated it’s power of appointment, promotion, transfer, disciplinary control and dismissal of certain categories of Public Officers by Government Gazette (Extraordinary) No.1733/52 of 25.11.2011.
•    In terms of Article 58(1) of the Constitution, any public officer, aggrieved by an order made by the aforesaid Delegated Authority has the right of appeal against such order in writing to the Public Service Commission and those appeals are handled by the Appeals Division of the Public Service Commission.
•    In addition, matters on Appeals submitted to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Applications filed in the Superior Courts against the orders/decisions of the PSC in relation to the above functions are also handled by the Appeals Division.

Organization Information

Public Service Commission

No. 177,
Nawala Road,
Colombo 05.

Mr. A. Kulathunga
Telephones:011-2136600, 011-2136650, 011-2136700
Fax Nos:011-2369305, 011-2369302

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