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Accredited Secondary Standards Dosimetry Calibration Laboratory service

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  • Provide calibration of radiation monitoring instruments for measurement of Ambient dose equivalent / rate, H*(10) for area / work place/ environmental monitoring instruments.
  • Provide calibration of personal monitoring instruments for measurement of personal dose equivalent/, Hp (10).
  • Provide calibration of portable surface contamination monitoring instruments.
  • Provide calibration of therapy level dosimeters in terms of absorbed Dose to water in a Co-60 beam.

Facility for calibration:

  • A gamma irradiator comprising of Cs-137 and Co-60 ,
  • X-ray system with ISO 4035-narrow spectrum for protection level beam qualities.
  • Reference and measuring instruments with ionization chambers.
  • Stability Check sources for all ionization chambers
  • Large area reference sources (ISO Classification: C.34645).

Protection level Dosimetry Calibration Procedure:

  • New operation quantities recommended by the ICRP are used for calibration of dose rate meters & personal dosimeters.
  • A Phantom (PMMA) of 20x20x15 cm3 is used to represent human torso with regard to back scattering of the incident radiation in calibration of individual monitoring.
  • Area monitoring instruments/dosimeters are calibrated in free air. Calibration factors at reference conditions (Ambient temperature 20 0C, Atmospheric pressure 101.325kPa Relation humidity 50%) are given when applicable.

How to obtain Protection level calibration services (calibration of radiation monitoring instruments) :

Equipment with new batteries should be submitted along with duly completed Calibration Request Form in duplicate. A copy of the manuals of new instruments for first time calibration may be required.

  • Arrangements for Protection Level Calibration:

Arrangements for calibration must be made in advance by letter, fax: 011 2533448 , E-mail:,; or telephone- 011 2533427-8.

  • Therapy Level Calibration

Calibration of Therapy Level dosimeters is provided in terms of Absorbed Dose to Water in a Co-60 beam as per IAEA Technical Report Series No. 398.

  • How to obtain Therapy level calibration service:

Duly completed Calibration Request Form in duplicate should be provided. An arrangement for calibration is made in advance by letter, fax, e-mail or telephone.

Calibration Charges:

Charges without Taxes for different types of radiations

Instrument/ item

Gamma only (Cs-137 /Co-60)

Gamma & X –rays (3 energy points only)

Radiation Survey meter (Dose rate measuring instrument)



Radiation Survey meter (having dose rate measuring mode and accumulated dose measuring mode)
(For accumulation mode, The instrument is calibrated for gamma radiation only.
For dose rate mode the instrument is calibrated for gamma radiation and X-rays )

4087.50x2= 8175.00
(for Gamma radiation only)

5450.00+ 4087.50= 9537.50

Accumulated Dose measuring instrument



Electronic Pocket dosimeter or Personal digital dosimeter (accumulated dose measuring instrument)



Quartz fiber pocket dosimeter- Personal dosimeter



Area monitor used in irradiation facility*



*- An additional amount of Rs.1000.00 will be charged for setting up a new detector for area monitor
Rs. 550.00 will be charged for an additional X-ray energy point.

Calibration of contamination monitor

Beta radiation

Portable surface contamination monitor


Therapy Level Calibration

Nominal fee for calibration of a therapy level ion-chamber with the electrometer = Rs 7500/=
Transport cost should be paid by the customer as this calibration is done at customer’s therapy center.

Note: All charges are subjected to 2% NBT & 12% VAT.
Value of taxes is calculated by using following formula.
Value of Taxes
= [ (Service charge x 102/100) x 12/100]



Mr .Kasige
Head/ General Scientific Division
Ravindra Abeysinghe
Phone- 001 2534206 Lalantha Jayasinghe
Fax: 011 2533448  


Organization Information

Atomic Energy Board

Baseline Road,

MS. H.L.C. Nanayakkara
Telephones:+94 112 533 427 / 8, +94 112 533 449
Fax Nos:+94 12 533 448

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