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Early Investigation & Rehabilitation of Disabled Children

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A problem situation arises in a family when a child is identified as having some disability and in order to ease this mental distress, some organizational service should be available to convince and to absorb such tragedies. It will not only ease the agony of other members of the family and the disabled child concerned. Various problems relating to the growth and development of children occur at various age levels. Some defects could be identified at birth itself. It is accepted by the learned that there is every possibility of correcting disabilities by the application of newly developed methods once identified of such defects well in time.

Accordingly, in order to fulfil this requirement the Department of Social Services commenced a model project in 2003 under a National programme basing the District of Colombo to identify children with disabilities at early childhood in Sri Lanka and to develop their weak faculties appropriately.

Child Guidance Centre for Children with Disabilities

Providing necessary assistance and guidance for maximum development of the child.

Raise parent’s mental level and prepare them to face this situation of stunted growth of children.


  • Introduction of a productive method of early detection of children with special needs.
  • Strengthening of the service network of various relevant institutions that could provide assistance to disabled children.
  • Intervention to provide education to children who need special care at early childhood and thereby strengthening of inter action in society.
  • Intervention to ensure better psychological aspect of parents and family members.
  • Introduction of this project to other Districts as well.

Services Provided

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Education at early childhood (Individual / Group Classes)
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Multiple Activities


  • Speech Therapy
  • Physio Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy

For Parents

  • Counselling
  • Awareness Programmes


  • Pre-school teacher training
  • Medical Clinics
  • Follow up programmes
  • Consultation servicers

Address :

Child Guidance Centre,

No. 11, Wela Road, Pathiragoda,


Tele : 0112746801

Fax : 0112746801

E-mail :

Extension of the intervening project (Child Guidance Centre) to supply services after child disabilities at early stages.

Having implemented this project as a pilot project for about 7 years in the Colombo district, action is being taken to introduce it to these after district taking into consideration the progress achieved and request make by various sections.
1.Gampaha District
2.Rathnapura District
3.Hambanthota District

The following programmes were launched to prepare the basic back ground and the atmosphere, needed each district pilot inclusive pre-schools.
Pilot Project of inclusive education pre-school development

Selected pre-schools in each district have been developed as pilot inclusive pre-schools children with special needs have been admitted and given an opportunity to receive education in these schools

Organization Information

Department of Social Services

Department of Social Services
2nd Floor,
Sethsiripaya Stage II,

Mr. Pradeep Yasaratne
Fax Nos:0112186276

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