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Concessions Given for Incoming Passengers

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Ministry of Finance

Sri Lanka Customs Department


Concessions Given for Incoming Passengers

Returning Sri Lankans, Resident Visa holders and dual citizens are entitled for an annual duty free allowance according to the stay abroad for the items brought in and items bought at the Sri Lankan duty free shops.

Period of continues stay abroad

Goods Purchased abroad


Goods Purchased at Sri Lanka Duty Free Shops





Less than 90 days

USD 87.5

USD 125

USD 125

USD 187.5

Between 90-365 days

USD 187.5

USD 500

USD 187.5

USD 625

More than 365 days

USD 187.5

USD 1000

USD 187.5

USD 1750


Goods in commercial quantities are not permitted under duty free allowance.


  • If you wish to purchase goods from the Duty Free Shop at the arrival, you should declare all the foreign currency you have, to the Customs.
  • Do not sell the goods you purchased to smugglers or brokers.
  • Do not allow smugglers or brokers to purchase goods using your passport. The transfer of the duty concession which you get from the government to a third party is an offense.
  • Your concession is valid up to 1 year from your returned date.� If you have returned several times to Sri Lanka within a year, you will get the concession relevant to the largest stay in abroad.

Liquor Allowance

Sri Lankans -

  • Alcoholic liquor not exceeding 2 1/2 liters.
  • Wine not exceeding 2 liters
  • Perfumed spirit not exceeding quarter liter

Foreigners -

  • Two regular size bottles of wine
  • One and half liters of Spirit
  • Toilet water not exceeding quarter liter, small amount of perfumes and souvenirs, valuenot exceeding USD 250.


Organization Information

Department of Customs

No 40,
Main Street,
Colombo 11.

Telephones:+94-11-2470945 to +94-11-2470948
Fax Nos:+94-11-2446364

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