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Self Employed Members

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Employees in State Corporations, Statutory Boards and the Private Sector are required to obtain membership of the Employees Trust’ Fund Board and with the aim of providing the privileges and benefits enjoyed by them to those engaged in self employment as well, Self employed persons have been made eligible to obtain membership of this Fund in terms of section 18 of the Employees’ Trust Fund Act.No 46 of 1980. This act while being amended as Employees’ Trust Fund(Amended) bearing no.47,0f 1988, Employees in Migrant Workers service too were made eligible under Section 6 therein obtain membership of this Fund. Hence, persons who are employed abroad are also eligible to get the membership.
Although, “a Self Employed person“ is not defined as such, Common examples for Self Employed persons are given below.

Industry Craftsman Garment, Iron ,Jeweler,
Brass, pottery , Handycraft, Tile and brick, Carving etc.
Those engaged in the fishing Industryv Participants directly in fishing industry
Entrepreneurs Retail ,Pavement, Day Fair
Professionals Lawyers, Accountants
Transport Three-Wheelers, Private
Buses ,School vans.

Nevertheless, a government servant drawing a pension and a person below 18 years of age are not eligible to obtain membership under this scheme. Although there is no maximum age limit to obtain the membership, a member who is 70 years of age or above is not entitled the benefits and would receive only the annual interest and dividends in respect of contributions.

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P O Box 807,
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Sri Lanka.

Mr. H M Seneviratna
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