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Non Statutory Benefits

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The Board has formulated several member welfare benefit schemes which active members (those currently in employment) of the ETF are entitled to avail of.
The following benefit schemes are currently available:

Benefit Scheme Commenced On
Free Life Insurance Scheme March 1986
Permanent Disability Insurance Scheme January 1989
Financial Assistance for Heart Surgeries October 1991
Reimbursement of cost of Intra-ocular Lens June 1992
Year Five Scholarship Assistance Scheme August 1994
“Shramasuwa Rekawarana” Hospitalization Medical Scheme April 1997
'Viyana' Housing Loan Scheme May 2002
Financial Assistance for Kidney Transplant Surgery July 2006
Year Five Scholarships for Children of ETF members who had to terminate employment due to permanent disability 2010
Educational grant for children of ETF members who passed GCE (A/L) Examination 2010

All active members are eligible to avail of these benefits but they do not have to make any additional contribution to the Fund. The Employer is required to make contributions on behalf of employees who thereby become members of the Fund. The Act stipulates that employers shall remit 3% of earnings of each employee to the Fund monthly, before the last working day of the following month, for members to enjoy the above benefits.
Although the employer has to contribute a mere 3% of employees’ monthly earnings to the Fund, members benefit greatly by being able to enjoy the above benefits especially in times of distress.
However, a point to note is that failure on the part of the Employer to remit contributions within the specified period would result in members being deprived of their legitimate right to benefits.

Available Benefit Schemes

Organization Information

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