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Services Provided by the Board

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Withdrawal of Fund Balance
Unlike EPF, members of the ETF need not wait till the age of 55 to withdraw their fund balance. However, members while in service in an employment will not be eligible to withdraw the balance in their account.
2.2 The important criteria to apply for a ETF refund is ;
a) Termination of service
b) Once in five years

Termination of Service
Termination of services due to whatever reasons the member is eligible to apply for a refund.
Ex.Change of employment, retirement, dismissal, resignation, vacation of post, closure of the establishment etc.

It is important to note that there should be a physical termination of service and not mere change of management of the establishment on documents.

Once in five years
Even though the fund balance could be claimed on account of any of the above reasons a member is not entitled to claim until the laspse of 5 years from the date of cessation of employment of the last refund claim.
However, this rule does not apply under the following circumstances.
a) On reaching 60 years of age
b) migrating to foreign country on permanent residence Visa
c) Joining pensionable employment in a government or local government service
d) Termination of employment as a result of permanent incapacity due to an accident or ailment
e) Upon death of a member

Documents that have to be submitted when making a claim
a)Withdrawal application – Form VI
b)A photocopy of NIC certified by the employer.
c)Photo copy of the Bank Pass book

Withdrawal of ETF balance of closed establishments
Documents that have to be submitted in respect of closed establishments.
a) Form No. VI – part 1
b) Form VIC and indemnity letter
c) Photocopy of NIC certified by Grama Niladari
d) Photocopy of Bank Pass Book
e) Acceptable documents to prove that the establishment is closed.
f) Acceptable document to prove that the employment with the establishment

Payment of benefits of a deceased member
In case of death of a member, the ETF balance will be paid to the legal heirs of the deceased member

cuments  that  have  to be  submitted
a)    Form VIII & VI a
b)    Form CL A/04 
c)    Other required documents – death certificate, marriage certificate, etc. 

Organization Information

Employees' Trust Fund Board (E.T.F)

1st Floor, Labour Secretariat,
P O Box 807,
Colombo 5,
Sri Lanka.

Mr. H M Seneviratna
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