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1. Savings Accounts (Regional Development Bank)

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RDB Kekulu

RDB Kekulu is a savings scheme exclusively designed for children under 12 years of age. The initial deposit to open a RDB Kekulu account has been lowered to Rs. 100/- enabling every child in our mother land to save for their future with RDB. The Bank offers an attractive plastic till for every new account opened under this scheme. Further there is a wide range of gift items such as exclusively designed valampoori tills, mugs, school bags, watches, gift vouchers and childrens' bicycles on offer for balances in the accounts at different levels. The account is designed with three main objectives. They are, Inculcating savings habit among the children for a better future, assisting childrens' education and also helping them to become good citizens. Gifts/prizes are offered for account holders who obtain best results at the year 5 scholarship exams. Further educational seminars are arranged for the account holders who sit for the above examination.

RDB Yovun Savings Account

The RDB Yovun savings account is specially designed for the children between 12 to 17 years of age. The minimum balance to open a RDB Yovun account is Rs. 250. A higher interest rate than the normal savings rate is paid for this account. The account holder is due to receive gifts from the Bank when the account balances reach different thresholds. Further, RDB offers the account holders many seminars and motivation schemes for G.C.E. O/L Examination. Special gift schemes are introduced during the month of October every year. The Bank also rewards the account holders who obtain the best results in G.C.E. (O/L) examination.

RDB Liya Saviya

Pradeshiya Sanwardhana Bank introduced RDB Liya Saviya in order to honor courageous women in Sri Lanka. It provides financial facilities, consultancy services for women who contribute to the economy of the country through self employment. There are more special features in this account such as offering bonus interest, higher interest for savings balances and competitive interest rates for advances etc., the scheme also provides an opportunity for the account holders to win gold coins through an annual draw

RDB Subha Mangalam

RDB Subha Mangalam is a unique savings account offered by RDB for those who wish to invest money either in a lump sum or in small but regular sums at their convenience over a long period of time until they get married. At the time of their marriage, the Subha Mangalam account holder gets the capital with a higher interest and also a special bonus interest of 7% on the interest earned.

Daily Collection System RDB - Dorin Dora

The Regional Development Banks' flagship product/ service is the daily collection system branded as Dorin Dora. This system operates through a dedicated set of agents, who on daily basis visit the business premises and the residences in the command areas of respective branches. It provides great relief and convenience to the target group and saves their opportunity cost, as otherwise they would have to sacrifice their valuable time visiting the branch again and again for their banking transactions. The Dorin Dora product / service is not only limited to collecting deposits, but has helped the target clientele to obtain loans for development purposes, service the loan account and pay the installments and interest promptly at their convenience. This unique product /service helped many small scale entrepreneurs and individuals to build up healthy account balances over periods of time without much effort and hassle. Thus it has been able to fulfill the vision of the Bank Empowering Sri Lankans.

RDB Adults / Senior citizens Saving Accounts

Pradeshiya Sanwardhana Bank offers interest rates compared with the ongoing market rates. Individuals above the age of 18years are entitled to open adult savings accounts with an initial deposit of Rs. 500/=. Special Savings Accounts are available for senior citizens offering higher interest rates.

RDB Fixed Deposits

Fixed deposits are identified as a popular mode of investments. The fixed deposits are available at RDB for periods of 1, 2, 3 and 6 months as well as 1-5 years. Since the inception, RDB was able to provide very attractive interest rates compared with other banks. Special interest rates are offered for fixed deposits with maturity periods of 1 year and above.

RDB Athata Poliya

RDB Athata Poliya is an innovative investment scheme where the investor gets the interest component (usually paid at the time of maturity) to his hand at the time of placing the deposit. This comes handy to those who have disposed valuable assets and want to spend a small portion of the proceeds immediatly. They can now invest the entire proceeds of the sale whilst meeting small commitments thanks to the RDB Athata Poliya investment scheme.

Organization Information

Regional Development Bank


The Premier State Owned Development Bank in Sri Lanka.
Established under the Pradheshiya Sanwardana Bank Act No.41 of 2008.

Head Office,
No. 933,
Kandy Road, Wedamulla,
Kelaniya (11600)
Sri Lanka.

Mr. Wasantha Kumarasiri
Telephones:+94 11 203 54 54
Fax Nos:+94 11 290 68 77

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