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YOU ARE HERE: Home Stable Isotope (2H and 18O) in water
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Measurement of Stable Isotope (2H and 18O) in water

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  2.1.1      Eligibility : 

   Places where application form could be obtained:-

           Download from the web: or by contacting SLAEB through

           T.P : 0112533427-8 or 0112075233

            Fax: 0112533448             E mail:  Time to submit application:-

            Office hours                  Fees paying to obtain this service:-

             LKR 2139 (without taxes) will be charged.

2.1.2      Period taken to provide the Service (Ordinary Service and Priority Service)

Within one week

2.1.3      Necessary Supporting documents 

             Field measurements (pH, EC, DO), if available 

 2.1.4      Staff Officers incharge of the Service 

           Scientific Officer : Ms.Chaturangi Gunasekara 011-2075233

 2.1.5      Exceptions, instances not included above and special information

            Contact staff officers

2.1.6      Application Form (Attach form)    


 2.1.7      Completed specimen application form (attach completed form)



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