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pictureApproval & Registration
Grant approval to set up Investment Projects
Grant approval to set up incentivised Investment Projects
Registration of Manufacturers of weights, Measures and weighing or Measuring Instruments
Registration of Sellers of weights, Measures and weighing or Measuring Instruments
SCPPC-Pesticides: Certification for Pesticides dealers 
SCPPC-Pesticides: Registration of Pesticides
SCPPC-Seed Certification: Registration of seed and planting material handlers

Permits & Licenses
Subsidies & Assistance for Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries
Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries Development
ICC- Sales of Agriculture publications
Bamboo Plants
SCPPC-Plant Quarantine: Issuing phytosanitary certificate on agricultural commodities
HORDI-Horticultural crops:Training Programmes
ICC- Duplicating VCD/DVD on agricultural TV programmes broadcasted
ICC- Visits to Agriculture Technology Parks in Gannoruwa and Batatha
HORDI-Horticultural crops:Advisory Services to solve farmers problem
Agricultural Development Programme
HORDI-Horticultural crops: Supply of Horticultural Seed & Planting Material
FCRDI-Field Crops: Providing breeder seeds of OFC
ICC- Radio programmes in Agriculture
RRDI-Rice: Providing field visits and diagnosis of problems of rice cultivation
RRDI-Rice: Dissemination of proven technologies on Plant Protection, Agronomy, etc.
HORDI: Agriculture library services
Agriculture - Functions and Services
SCPPC-Plant Genetic Resources: Providing information on plant genetic resources
SCPPC-Seed Certification: Registration of seed production crops and certification of produced seeds
SCPPC-Seed Certification: Registration of fruit plant nurseries
ICC- agriculture advisory service
HORDI-Horticultural crops: Analytical services: Soil & Organic manure analysis
Extension &Training: Training on agriculture enterprise development
SCPPC: Issuance of import permits to import plant, planting material and plant products
HORDI-Horticultural crops: Analytical services: ELISA
ICC- Providing training on AV teaching aids and presentation technology 
SCPPC-Seed Certification: Training and awareness programme on quality seed and planting material 
land for Agricultural Purposes
Extension &Training: Advisory service for establishing commercial farms
purchase Mahaweli Production
SCPPC-Plant Protection: Introduction of the Bio control agents to control some weeds
SCPPC-Seed Certification: Seed testing for locally produced or important seeds
RRDI-Rice: Distribution of seed paddy
Providing seed paddy samples
15.Approval for export of pet animals, ornamental fishes, meat and meat products, animal by products
RRDI-Rice: Dissemination of proven technologies and newly improved rice varieties
skilled labour to Entrepreneurs
Obtaining of high breed animals for farmers
Extension &Training: Conducting Agriculture Exhibitions
RRDI-Rice: Soil testing
Obtaining of compost and agricultural plants
Buying dairy and animal products
Forward agreement to purchasing farm products
13.Providing license to manufacture / import animal feed/ingredients
01.Approval for Importation of Domestic and Wild Animals
02.Approval for Importation of Ornamental Fish and Edible Fish for Aquaculture
Rubber Land Regisration
14.Registration of Veterinary pharmaceuticals
12.Obtaining recommendations for importation of animal feed/materials
03.Approval for importation of meat and meat products
04.Approval for importation of frozen fish and fish products
16.Registration of Livestock farms (excluding poultry farms)
08.Approval for importation of day old chicks
09.Approval for importation of feather and other poultry by products
10.Registration of poultry breeder farms
05.Approval for importation of animal leather with fur
11.Registration of poultry abattoir and processing establishments
07.Approval for importation of Deep frozen animal semen
06.Approval for importation of finished or semi processed leather
Receiving Advice for Soil Conservation
Development of Medium and Large Scale Lands As Commercial Farms
FCRDI-Field crops: Soil Testing Service

Training & Extension Services
ICTA Awards