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Services of Development Unit of Educational Publications Department

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Production of textbooks and the supplementary reading books in Sinhala, Tamil, English media.

Method of Production of Textbooks

  1. Applications from the writers are summoned by a newspaper advertisement and the panel of writers is selected after a written test and an interview conducted by the Department.
  2. The Chairman of the Writers’ panel (very often, a professor from a reputed university) is considered the most senior member of the panel. Under the guidance of the Chairman, writers compose the chapters / lessons assigned to them.
  3. The writers’ panel is assembled with the participation of the representative from The National Institute of Education and the content of each chapter is discussed comprehensively to check the compatibility with the syllabus as well as the subject matters. Necessary editing is done on the agreement of all the participants and the members of the writers’ panel.
  4. Compiled chapters / lessons are handed over to the coordinating officer in charge of the relevant subject and they are computerized (type set)
  5. Editing related to the subject matters as well as the use of language is done and the edited versions of the chapters are proof read. Finally the edited version of the textbook is forwarded to a Superior Board compiled with elites / subject experts for final evaluation.
  6. According to the recommendations made by the Superior Board , textbooks which are recommended suitable for printing are handed over to the Production Unit of the Department.

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Department of Educational Publications


W.D.I. Upamal
Fax Nos:+94-112-784815

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