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Services of Distributional Unit of the Educational Publications Department

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1. There are 4 types of Direct Distribution Centres

  • National Schools
  • Government schools with over 2000 student population, government approved assisted private schools and government approved unassisted private schools.
  • Textbook Distribution Centres (Divisional Education Offices / New Distribution Centres )
  • All schools in Colombo zone and Nugegoda divison

2. Textbooks are distributed to the schools with less than 2000 student population through Divisional Education Offices or New Distribution Centres.

3. As the first step of the textbook distribution process, the statistics of the requested number of textbooks for each school in the island are gathered by the Requisition order books printed and distributed to the schools.



4. Thereafter issue orders for the warehouses are made according to the request , by the Distribution Unit and textbooks are delivered to the relevant places under the supervision of a department official by lorries.

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