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Kesbewa Urban Council

Samarakoon Mawatha,

Head of the Organization

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Contact Person

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General Information

Telephones : +94-11-2618100 /+94-11-2614201
Fax Nos : +94-11-2618102
Email :
Website :

Other Office Details:


Services Offered:

dot   Obtaining Environmental Permits
dot   Obtaining a New Assessement Number
dot   Changing of Assessment Ownership
dot   Obtaining Assessment Reports for New Assessment Numbers
dot   Obtaning a Non-Acquisition Certificate
dot   Approval for Blocking Out Plan
dot   Approval for Building Plans
dot   Obtaining Building Line Certificate/ Street Line Certificates
dot   Obtaining a Certificate of Conformity
dot   Digging of Streets/Roads for Providing Services
dot   Obtaining Trade Permits for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises
dot   Obtaining Trade Permits for Hotels and Industries
dot   Obtaining Applications for Library Membership
dot   Registration of Praja Mandala
dot   Obtaining the Service of Crematorium
dot   Interment of Ashes/Remains
dot   Obtaining the Garbage Management Service
dot   Obtaining Sewerage Disposal Service
dot   Providing Anti-Rabies Vaccination for Dogs and Depoprovara Vaccination for Female Dogs
dot   Conducting Programmes for Prevention of Contagious Diseases
dot   Taking Over of Roads and Development Activities
dot   Naming Roads
dot   Repairing Street Lights
dot   Removal of Harmful Trees
dot   Removal of Unauthorized Constructions
dot   Obtaining Ayurvedic Clinical Services
dot   Reservation of Playground
dot   Reservation of the Theatre
dot   Payment Of Assessment

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