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  Required Forms     Form K
Retirement from Service Due to Permanent Disability

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Retirement from Service Due to Permanent Disability
Basic Eligibility and Requirements

When an employee leaves the service due to permanent physical disability, an application for receiving his Provident Fund money should be sent to the Employees Provident Fund Division.
  • Disability position should be certified by a government Medical Officer in form Health 307.
  • When form Medical 307 is handed over to the office during the hours 8:00 a.m - 6:00 the form “ m” will be issued.

An application is liable to be rejected on following reasons as well.
When there is no certificate from a government Medical Officer in form Health 307.

  • Inability to furnish correct information
  • Failure to prove eligibility
  • Failure to furnish required certificates.

Methods of Submission
All applications should be forwarded to the Commissioner of Labour, Employees Provident Fund Division.
Application should accompany the required documents.

Application Form: Form K

Step by Step Procedure

Step 1 : Obtaining the report in form 307 from a government Medical officer.

Step 2 : Applicant should obtain form “M” from the Employees Provident Fund Division.

Step 3 : Call for the Medical Board Report.

Step 4 : Forwarding the perfected applications for the employer’s certificate.

Step 5 : Sending the application with a recommendation for payment of Employees Provident Fund money
Step 6 : Releasing funds.

Step 7 : When the Medical Board does not certify complete disability, the application will be rejected.

Time to be Taken for the Service

If the perfected application is submitted with the required documents it will take about 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the Medical Board Report.

Time of Submission

Week Days - From Monday to Friday
Time - From 08:15 a.m to 04:30 p.m
Holidays - Public and mercantile holidays.

Expenditure on Service: The service is free of charges

Supporting Documents:

  • Application in form K
  • Certificate of Birth
  • In the absence of the Certificate of Birth, the certificate of probable age signed by the Grama Niladhari and the Divisional Secretary.
  • Medical report on inability to serve.

Service Responsibility

Designation Division Telephone Fax
Assistant Commissioner
Employees Provident Fund Division 011-2368911 011-2368914

Special Circumstances: Nil

Organization Information

Department of Labour

Labour Secretariat,
Colombo 05.

Mr. CN Withanachchi
Telephones:(+94)11 2581142 / 3, (+94)11 2581146
Fax Nos:(+94)11 2581145

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