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Economic Empowerment Program

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The main objective of this service is to provide credit facilities for women through Revolving Fund Scheme and through State Banks to be economically and socially sustainable.

The applicants have to participate for the following training programs which are conducted by Women’s Bureau before obtain the credit facility.

1. Entrepreneurship Development Training
Providing raw materials for selected business venture. Developing productions potential identifying the Market sector. Entrepreneurship Training includes business and legal information and provision of funds for capital.

2. Skills Development Training Programs
Providing Programs for women without potential skills, procedures to earn income combining some economical procedures to increase living earning standards. Skills Develop Training is done following Entrepreneurship Development Training.

3. Financial reporting Training Program
Distribution of funds for women’s societies registered under Sri Lanka Women’s Bureau has to be accounted by the organization and payment to be done in an organized manner will be held by the treasures of the women’s societies.

4. Organizing Trade- Fairs & Exhibition
Trade-Fairs and Exhibitions are organized by the Women’s Bureau to promote self-employment amongst the women in Sri Lanka. This will enable the women to market their products locally and internationally.


  • Any woman who is over 18 years old could join this program
  • Should be a member of a Women’s Society
  • One member from one family
  • A person who has not defaulted on a previous loan
  • A person who already have a business or a person who likes to start a new business or a person with an ability to start a new business
  • A low income owner
  • Should be a participant of the Entrepreneurship program conducted by the Women’s Bureau a Team player who was committed to the Society

Submission Procedure

1 Obtain an application form
Application forms will be distributed by the Divisional Secretariat to the respective women’s societies. Applicant can obtain Loan application forms from respective Women’s Society.
When the applicant obtains the loan, Repayment of Loan Agreement has to be obtained from the respective Divisional Secretariat.
Application form
Application form to obtain a loan through Revolving Fund Scheme
Repayment of loan Agreement
2 Support Documents required
Certificate awarded for participation of Training programs
3 Hand over application form
Hand over filled application to the Divisional Secretariat
Applicant has to fill and submits the agreement to the respective Divisional Secretariat when she obtains the loan.
Working Days
Divisional Secretariat - Monday & Wednesday
Working Hours
9.00 am to 4.30 pm
4 Note
Women’s Society has to obtain Loan Application Agreements from the respective Divisional Secretariat and distribute to the applicants.

Time Line

Process Timeline:
3 months

Time period of each training program

  1. Entrepreneurship Development Training – 2 days
  2. Skills development training programs – 2 days
  3. Financial reporting training programs – 2 days

Submission Timeline:
Time period to submit the application forms will be informed by the respective Women’s Society

Cost Related to the Services

There aren’t any costs involved in obtaining this service.


  • A fee of Rs.100 should be deposited in the Revolving loan account of respective Women’s Society as a guarantee.
  • Annual interest : 6% of the loan amount

No any penalties involved

There is no any additional cost involved in obtaining the service.

Organization Information

Women’s Bureau Of Sri Lanka

Nawala Road,

Mrs. Manel Chandrasekara
Telephones:+94 11 2 504935
Fax Nos:+94 11 2 504934

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