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Registration of a Tea Factory

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Registration of a Tea Factory

Eligibility and required Documents

Registering a new factory

  • The place where the factory is located must be the applicant’s own possession and in order to prove that a document certified by the Divisional Secretary must be provided.
  • The area shouldn’t have any risk of flood and it has to be proved by forwarding a document which was recommended by the Divisional Secretary through Grama Niladhari.
  • There should not be any other tea factory within the area of 5 Km.
  • The applicant should have a building and machinery plan approved by the Tea Research Institute.
  • Sufficient clarification is needed regarding the way of providing green leaves according to the capacity and transporting them to the factory without any harm for the other factories.

Registering a bought factory

  • Should present a deed registered in the Department of Land Registration that the bought tea factory is a possession of the applicant.
  • In case, there is an arrears of payment for the green leaves suppliers, a document should be forwarded clarifying the way of solving that matter.

Registering a leased factory

  • Any person whishes to lease a factory has to present a leas agreement with the factory owner which was registered at the Department of Land Registration.
  • In case, there is an arrears to be paid for the small holders for their green leaves, the applicant has to come to an agreement with the Sri Lanka Tea Board regarding the procedure of payment.
  • If the factory is going to be leased by a company, the all information of the company (The board of directors, constitute of the company, the registration certificate of the company. etc.) should be provided.

Process of submitting applications

Relevant Application – T.C. 4 form (This should be filled by the person who expects the factory registration)

The places that the application forms can be obtained - Head office of the Sri Lanka Tea board and it’s regional offices situated at Gampola, Ginigathhena(Hatton Office), Bandarawela, Rathnapura, Mathugama, Galle and Mathara.

Fees payble to obtain application forms - No payment is required.

Time of accepting applications - Applications may forward during office time in any working day of the week. (from 8.30a.m. to 4.15 a.m.)

Fees payable to obtain the service - The registration fee for a new factory is Rs. 10,000/-.
Note : This fee is not charged for registering a bought or leased factory.

Time lapse to offer service - When the application is filled dually (without any correction), the registration can be obtained within a month.

Contact Person

Tea Commissioner
Tea Commissioner’s Division – Head Office
Tel. : 011-2580152
Fax : 011-2580161
email :

Assistant Tea Commissioner's office

Regional Office - Gampola
140, Ambagamuwa Road, Gampola
Tel/Fax : 081-2352279
Email :


Regional Office – Galle
140, Lower Dickson Road, Galle
Tel/Fax : 091-2232052
Email :


Regional Office – Ratnapura
61/1, New Town, Ratnapura
Tel/Fax: 045-2222136
Email :


Regional Office – Matara
61/1, Wijetunga Avenue,
Siri Mangala Road, Matara
Tel/Fax: 041-2222636
Email :


Regional Office – Bandarawela
Vishaka Mawatha, New Badulla Road,
Tel/Fax: 057-2222812
Email :


Regional Office – Hatton
Norisland, Ambagamuwa,
Tel/Fax: 060-2519970
Email :


Regional Office – Mathugama
No. 281, Agalawatta Road, Mathugama
Tel/Fax: 034-2247444
Email :

Organization Information

Sri Lanka Tea Board

Galle Road,
Colombo 3.

Telephones:+ 94-11-2587814 / + 94-11-2587773
Fax Nos:011-2589132

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