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Transporting Goods using Railway Goods Wagons

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10.1. Service Information

Request should be made before the wagon reservation. Any type of Goods other than the goods prohibited by the Railway Ordinance and other departmental circulars can be transported by Railway Wagons. Main Railway Station accepts goods to be transported by Trains.

Download Stations Contact Numbers

10.2. Application/Reservation method of the service

Requesting application should be submitted to Sales and Marketing division at the Railway Headquarters, Colombo 10. (Tele: 0112421281) OR you can directly download the requesting application (Form 2.10) from the Department website. Applications can be submitted from 09.00 am to 04.00 pm of week days. Otherwise, reservation can be requested by sending a letter giving following details too. Name of the Applicant, Type of Goods, Starting and Terminating Stations, The Station where the Wagon is to be placed, Intended Dates etc. Consignment Note should be filled at the loading station.

10.3. Payments/Charges to be made for the service

Download Charges for Transporting Goods by Railway Goods Wagons

10.4. Documents to be submitted

  • National Identity Card
  • Transport Permits for Timber
  • Purchase Bills for furniture

10.5. Procedure of the service

1. Main Railway Station accepts goods to be transported by Trains on weekdays from 09.00 AM to 04.00 PM

2. Use the application form. Fill it and hand over to the particular Railway station with the goods. An receipt will be issued to the customer

3. Loading should be done by the customer

4. Transporting goods will be sealed at the station and customer can use their own locks

5. For collecting the Goods at the destination station, Submit the Receipt and the National Identity Card of the person who receiving the Goods to the Station Master

10.6. Average time taken for obtaining the service

Thirty Minutes

10.7. Officer responsible for extending the service

Manager Sales & Marketing

Tele: 011-2421281

Fax: 011-2431909

10.8. Deviations of the service process

Station Masters are empowered to reject any good, if they are suspicious about the type of goods or the person handing over the goods.

10.9. Application Forms

Download Requesting Application Averment of the value of the Goods, Handed over to Transport by Train (Form 2.10)

Organization Information

Department of Railways

Railway Headquarters,
P.O. Box 355,

Telephones:+94 11 4 600 111
Fax Nos:+94 11 2 446490

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