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Monetary Assistance to Writers Project

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Purchasing of books already published

Book must be of good finish or ending devoid of Printing errors and published in the year of purchase of published earlier.
Cost must be mentioned and prices must be nominal
One book will be provided with monetary assistance only once for first printing. But on special occasions when books of rare quality and great value are found – monetary assistance for printing for the second time will also be considered.
Books marked for examinations (Text books) and books published in questionnaire form/basis will not receive any monetary assistance.
Books for children except for the first cover should contain at least 16 pages and other book should contain at least 49 pages.
One author will be provided with monetary assistance for two books only within an year.
Letters/Journals/Term Magazines/Term Publication are not eligible for this project.
Books will be purchased for a maximum amount of Rs. 5000/= with 20% discount.
N.B.Further details appear on the paper giving detailed information attached to the application.
Copy of the book along with the perfected application form should be submitted.

Application can be obtained from the Main Office of the Department of Cultural Affairs.
No fee will be levied for applications
Application can be handed over throughout the year during the working days and working hours.
No charges to be made for the services rendered.
Books received, accompanied by applications will be referred to books evaluation Survey Board and the purchase of selected books commence with the decision of the Board. Money due to the author of the book selected will be paid directly by cheque.
Necessity does not arise for the submission of other letters to prove and confirm its correctness or validity of authorship.
Director of Cultural Affairs/Deputy Director/Accountant
Director will serve as Staff Officers in charge.

Organization Information

Department of Cultural Affairs

8th Floor,

K.M. Shashini Anupama
Telephones:+94-112-872031 / +94-112-866731
Fax Nos:+94-112-866732

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