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Monthly Assistance to Artiste

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Monetary Assistance to poor and desolate artistes
Funeral Assistance
Monetary assistance to get medical treatment are some of the assistance bestowed to poor and desolate artistes.

Low in-come recipient – over 60 years of age.
Non—recipient of any monetary assistance from any other source.
Non-recipient of a pension.

Must be a forlorn artiste who can never bear funeral expenses.
Must be a sickly artiste facing financial straits even to get medical treatment.
Monetary assistance form filled by financially handicapped artistes must be forwarded to the Director of Cultural Affairs direct with the recommendation from either Divisional Cultural Officers or Cultural Development Assistants together with the final approval by Divisional Secretary.
As there are no special forms for the application of funeral expenses and medical aid, director of Cultural Affairs is taking necessary steps to grant due redress for the applications duly recommended by Divisional Secretary, District Secretary, divisional Cultural Officers or Cultural Development Assistants after checking the validity of information.
Applications for financially handicapped artistes can be obtained from the Head office of the Department of Cultural Affairs and from relevant Divisional Secretariats.

No fess will be charged for application.
In accordance with the requirements, monetary aid for financially handicapped and monetary assistance for medical treatment can be obtained throughout the year whereas applicants for funeral expenses must be submitted in time to grant redress
No fess will be charged for the services rendered.

Monetary will be provided according to the monetary provisions available and in accordance with the order of receipt of applications Director of Cultural Affairs/Deputy Director of Cultural Affairs will serve as Staff Officers.
Under the scheme of providing monetary assistance to under privileged forlorn artistes, a sum of Rs.3000.00 will be paid annually as a allowance. If the recipient is dead at the time of the monetary grant – approval is given to use same for funeral expenses incurred or otherwise to be used for three month’s alms- giving according to Buddhist rights. When a recipient dies, it should be notified to the Director of Cultural Affairs. If the monetary assistance is sought for medical purposes, medical report should be forwarded to maintain validity of the application. Action will be taken to pay their allowance to the nearest kith and kin of artistes seeking money for medical and funeral expenses.

Specimen of Application Form
Copy of Perfected Application Form

Organization Information

Department of Cultural Affairs

8th Floor,

K.M. Shashini Anupama
Telephones:+94-112-872031 / +94-112-866731
Fax Nos:+94-112-866732

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