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National Council for Road Safety

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National Council for Road Safety operates under Ministry of Transport through Motor Traffic amendment act No. 05 of 1998. The only state institution which operates under the theme of creating a secured road system for all is the National Council for Road Safety. This council consists of a chairman and a team of 17 representatives from government and non-government institutions.

Functions of the council are laid down in Motor Traffic act section 213A while the “Road Safety Fund” has been established vide section 213B. Towards this fund insurance companies should contribute 1% from their third party insurance coverages, in terms of Gazette Notification No.1368/18 dated 24.11.2004.

“Safe roads for everyone”

“To create a society free of Road accidents”

Functions of the National Council for Road Safety

•Payment of compensation for victims of accidents caused by unidentified vehicles.
•Formulate and implement projects on Road safety.
•Coordinate road safety related activities in government and non-government organizations
•Solicit financial and other support for road safety activities
•Advise the government on road safety related policies and projects.
•Coordinate with similar international institutions and share experience
•Collect data on related subjects and conduct research and field inspections
•Maintaining a data base pertaining to road safety.
•Maintaining a library consisting of books related to the subject of road safety.

“Compensation scheme for victims of accidents caused by unidentified vehicles”

01. Under this scheme compensation is paid only in instances where a person is killed or seriously injured by a vehicle accident in which the vehicle is not identified.

02. In vehicle accidents referred to in 01 above, a seriously injured person is entitled to compensation while the closest dependent relative of a person killed in such accident is entitled to compensation.

03. Application duty filled by the applicant certified by the Grama Niladhari of the area, approved by the Divisional Secretary of the area should be sent by registered post within 6 months from the data of the accident to the Secretary, National Council Road Safety, Ministry of Transport, No.01, D.R.Wijewardana Mw, Colombo-10.

Necessary application forms can be obtained from

  • The nearest police station
  • Divisional Road Safety Council Secretariat in Ministry of Transport, D.R.Wijewardana Mawatha, Colombo-10 or
  • By visiting the Ministry of Transport official web-site

Approved compensation limits (for accidents occurred after 01.01.2013)

01. In case of a death- Rs.100, 000/=
02. In case of a serious injury-Rs.75, 000/=


Postal Address

National Council for Road safety
Ministry of Transport
No.01, D.R.Wijewardana Mw
Sri Lanka

Tel:- +94 (0) 113 091 251
+94 (0) 112 696 890

Fax:- +94 (0) 112 696 890



Organization Information

Ministry of Transport and Highways

7th Floor,
Stage II,

Telephones:0112 187 200 / 0112 187 201
Fax Nos:0112 865 093 / 0112 187 226

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